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Rainbow Felt Ball Garland *2020

Rainbow Felt Ball Garland *2020

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Perfect for brightening up any space. This colourful garland is made from 100% wool felt balls hand strung onto cord.

This product is end of line as I have changed the colours slightly on my new design and these balls are slightly smaller.

The item will come with the balls pushed together and the string tied to ensure the garland does not tangle but to avoid any wasted packaging.

The balls measure approx 2cm in diameter and are hand strung onto a white cotton cord. The balls are not fixed into place so can be adjusted to achieve your desired effect. There are loops at the ends of the garland as standard, but these can be easily untied if required.

This garland is 300cm in length and has 50 balls.

Each felt ball used in this garland is handmade in Nepal using 100% New Zealand wool, therefore there may be a variation in size, shape and colour.

This product is not a toy but intended for decorative purposes only. Please keep out of reach of children.
Keep away from naked flames.
Not suitable for outdoor use.