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Care Instructions

Felt Flowers

Felt flowers offer a unique alternative to cut flowers and will last forever if taken care of. Here are a few hints and tips to help you look after your purchase.

Whilst I work hard to package your flowers securely, sometimes shipping can cause some products to slightly lose their shape. Don’t be afraid to use your fingers to separate the petals and reshape them into the desired effect. The wire stems will bend allowing you to arrange the flowers as you wish. If you are feeling brave, you can also use a slim hair straightener to shape the felt further. If you want to secure the stems in a container, you can use florists oasis, beads or a floral pin frog!

Please note that these items should only be gently surface cleaned. If you need to clean the items then please ensure the item does not get too wet. Use a lint roller to lightly dust.

Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight as they can be prone to fading.

Felt is made from wool which absorbs water and it can lose its shape if it gets wet so they are also not suited to damp environments like bathrooms. If your arrangement does get wet, don’t worry too much, pat dry gently and allow to air dry completely whilst reshaping the petals and leaves as required.

Garlands and Gifts

Our garlands and gifts are made from a variety of different felts to ensure the best item we can. In the product descriptions you are able to see what material is used.

Acrylic felt – This is often used for garlands as it is strong and therefore likely to last better when being put up and taken down regularly. This felt is not too bothered about water and so if it gets wet don’t worry too much, just let it air dry. Please be careful if surface cleaning this not to tangle the thread!

100% wool felt balls – These do not like to get wet and should only be gently surface cleaned. If you do need to clean them then ensure the item does not get too wet. Use a lint roller to lightly dust.

If your garland has been supplied wrapped around a card we would suggest that you store it wrapped around this card to ensure that the string does not get tangled.